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In addition to 1500 houses mentioned by Suzy the Vale proposes to build a road through the floodplain joining up with Marcham Road near Tesco. The effect of the road and houses on traffic congestion throughout the area, flooding and loss of an attractive rural amenity is an outcome which we feel is unacceptable and we have formed SAFE (see below) to fight the proposals.

A public meeting will be held at 7 9 pm on Thursday 26 Feb at the Preston Road Community Centre, Midget Close, Preston Road, about this issue. The Vale of White Horse District Council will be sending a representative to address the meeting.

A group of concerned local residents have got together to form an association called SAFE - Save Abingdon From Expansion. We will be at tomorrow night's meeting and will be encourageing local residents to register with us and join us in stopping this damaging plan.

With advice from a top planner and barrister we have rapidly formulated an effective campaign to stop this development. However to maximise the chance of being successful we have been advised that it is crucial that local residents are involved. Please encourage anyone you know who will be affected by the proposals to come to the meeting tomorrow - Thursday 26 Feb.

We can be contacted at

I'm not sure how aware people are of the new proposal for 1,500 new homes
> between South Abingdon and Drayton, a neighbour of ours delivered a
> leaflet with the Councils proposals for the Vale and it looks like we
> could loose yet more green space and gain yet more housing in our small
> historic market town. It seems to me Abingdon will soon morph into the
> surrounding villages and be so conjested it will be impossible to drive
> anywhere. Surely their time would be better spent rejouvenating the town
> centre than overloading it with yet more housing.
> You can see the proposals for yourself (such as they are) on the
> website The council want to hear feedback about
> this before Feb 27th, anyone wishing to comment should either write to
> Abbey House, Abingdon, OX14 3JE or e-mail

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