Is this about Abingdon?

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I began reading a book last week called The Best Year Of Our Lives by Phil Andrews, a self-published novel set in the mid 1970's which I picked up off Amazon.

The book is set in a fictional town in West London/Middlesex but what caught my interest was the prologue which takes the form of a diary entry and is signed off "Paul Adams, Oxfordshire".

Paul Adams is the lead character in the book, throughout which there are constant references to a weekend spent on a barge in Oxfordshire. Only once is the name of a town mentioned - "Ebbshill", presumably another fictional place? - but there is also a mysterious reference to "the Mary Watson" which seems to be the name of the barge.

The reason this struck me was that I seem to remember a boat of that name being moored down by the Old Anchor Inn, by the bridge over the Ock, back in the 1970's and possibly beyond. Could it be a reference to this boat? And is it Abingdon the author keeps referring back to in his book?

I just wondered if anyone else here might have read it and wondered as I did?

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